Historical hiking tours

Discover the Historical heritage of a region on a hiking tour

Summer is often synonymous with tranquillity: the sun, the heat, and of course nature, which offers us its most beautiful assets. Why not take advantage of this time to go on a walking tour. Strolls and discoveries of the patrimony will be at the rendez-vous.

One of the advantages of hiking with your family is that you can take advantage of the great wealth of the French territory. A walking holiday anywhere in France will take you to towns and villages that are sometimes witnesses to a tumultuous past. On the programme: monuments, museums, castles and ancient buildings will take you back to the greatest moments in history. 

Armed with your logbook, don’t miss any historical site on your way. Trust your walking tour agency to take you on a great walking adventure. 

Travel by foot and conquer the Norman History

Normandy is an ideal region to start a hike on your own or with others. The region has an exceptionally rich historical past.

Numerous vestiges of the past line the routes of your walking tour. Abbeys, castles and cathedrals are still there to tell you the stories of William the Conqueror, or those of the pilgrims of Mont-Saint-Michel. Take the opportunity to discover the famous Bayeux tapestry, which is over 70 metres long. 

A walking holiday in Normandy also offers you the opportunity to discover the region’s heritage while enjoying the proximity of the sea. Enjoy a walk with your feet in the sand to discover the huge D-Day beaches, symbol of the Allied victory in the Second World War.  Continue your walking tour in the beautiful town of Honfleur, where architecture and history are delicately intertwined. Famous for being the starting point of Samuel de Champlain’s expedition to the Canadian lands. The harbour and the town seem quieter today, but still retain the traces of a rich historical past.

Take a dive into medieval History

While some are fascinated by the great wars of the 20th century, others are fascinated by much older history. Lovers of the Middle Ages can also enjoy a wonderful historical walking tour. 

This period was often synonymous with the construction and development of towns. In the Dordogne in particular, the remains of the past are numerous and litter the roads and paths of the region. 

And to make the most of it, what better way than to go hiking? Our walking tour in the Dordogne takes you along the river, where castles and medieval villages are perched. 

A walking holiday in the Dordogne is also an opportunity to take an even bigger leap in time. Your tour will end in front of one of the most famous prehistoric sites: the Lascaux Caves.  Another fascinating region for lovers of the Middle Ages is Burgundy! A walking holiday in Burgundy takes you through the history of the former duchy where many traces of the region’s past still remain. 

Self guided hiking holidays

You see! How simple and pleasant it is to go on a walking tour. The possibilities are almost endless. 

Normandie Rando takes care of everything. Put on your hiking boots and enjoy your hike. Follow the good addresses and tips in your logbook so you don’t miss anything. Detailed maps will also be given to you so that you never get lost.

Finally, don’t worry about your luggage, your agency will take care of its transfer throughout your stay.