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Regional cuisine, fresh produce, good atmosphere and a warm welcome

Cooking is much more than mere tradition for the French nation. It is considered to be one of the pillars of French culture.

French cuisine is now included on UNESCO’s representative list for “Intangible, Cultural, Heritage of Humanity”. Each region in France is endowed with its own individual character, reflected through its topography, architecture, climate, population and of course, its world famous cuisine.

The Gallic notion of “terroir” really does assume its full significance and French cuisine undoubtedly possesses a combination of all of these elements. Our addresses, which have been selected with great care for you, reflect this unique diversity and quality.


Breakfast is always included with the accommodation. The “Comfortable” category accommodation provides a wide-choice buffet, as well as a continental breakfast. The “Standard” category accommodation provides a continental breakfast.


The choice of a lunchtime venue is left to the discretion of our travellers. This allows everyone to cycle at their own pace and in their own time. In the travel booklet, you will find a list of suggestions of where to eat, scenic picnic spots, market days, as well as the names given to speciality dishes for each region.


Why are some dinners included in our prices and others not?

Where dinner is included in the itinerary, it is because we believe our choice to be the best option for you. The restaurants have been carefully chosen for their high quality cooking served in unique surroundings. Naturally, the chefs would like you to sample their particular speciality dish!

Dinner consists of three courses: first course/main course/dessert. You will also be able to choose from the menu. Drinks are not normally included.

Dinner is not arranged by us, as we feel sure that our clients would enjoy the element of discovery! The choice of restaurants is very varied and within easy distance of the hotels. A list of recommended restaurants is available from us and your hotel will be happy to advise and assist in reserving a table for you!

Please inform us, at the time of your booking, of any particular eating preferences or food allergies.

Tasting and Sampling

Each region in France has its own personal, gastronomic experience: wine, cider, cheeses, honey…… the choice is varied and almost endless. Our trips have been carefully organised in order for you to discover these regional delights. In addition, visits to farms, co-operatives, local markets and bars are also possible.

Local wine-growers and producers will be only too pleased to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Indeed, such a visit to a local farm or co-operative may see yourself placed in a real “hands on” situation!

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