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Discover a region History by bike

Going on a cycling trip in France means discovering its historical and cultural heritage. The history of our country is particularly rich and we are fortunate to have kept the traces of it through numerous monuments and museums. Cycle tourism allows the most curious and the most passionate to take full advantage of all that France has to offer.

Normandie Rando offers organised cycling trips that allow you to satisfy all your desires for discovery. Whether by the sea, in the countryside or in the city, a cycling trip is an opportunity to learn more about the history of our beautiful country while enjoying a fun and dynamic outdoor activity.

Les châteaux de la Loire by bike

A cycling holiday on the banks of the Loire is in itself a real journey through time and French history. This region is a very popular cycling destination thanks to its numerous castles, each more sumptuous than the last. Normandie Rando offers cycling trips to discover this historical and cultural heritage. Leave for several days to cycle along the Loire River and discover or rediscover the castles of Chambord, Chenonceaux, Chaumont and all the others, through a family cycling trip adapted to each of you. Your cycling trip will be ideal for enriching the historical knowledge of young and old alike. Put down your bikes for a moment, stop and stroll for a few hours in the gardens of Diane de Poitier… discover the tumultuous history of Saumur castle…

Visiting the chateaux of the Loire Valley by bike is an opportunity to travel back in time at your own pace while respecting the environment.

Brittany History by bike

If Brittany is well known for its culinary specialities, it is also known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. A stay in Brittany with Normandie Rando is an opportunity to discover the route of the privateers. The youngest adventurers will have the opportunity to learn more about the famous French pirates and privateers. Brittany is also the opportunity to discover superb medieval cities such as Saint-Malo, Dinan, Fougères and many others.

A family cycling trip will give you a better understanding of the region’s tumultuous history in the Middle Ages. You can also follow the beautiful roads along the Côtes-d’Armor. Take a break on one of the beautiful beaches in this part of France and take a dip in the salt water to relax your legs. Both young and old will come away with many memories of this cycling trip.

Historical cycling trips in Normandy

Normandie Rando offers cycling holidays in Normandy. Close to Paris, this region of France is also very rich in geography, history and culture. Did you know that the first Canadians set off from Honfleur? History lovers can satisfy their curiosity by cycling along the famous D-Day beaches.

Take time to walk along these beautiful beaches and immerse yourself in the longest day of the Second World War. To learn more about this period, stop in Caen to visit the Memorial and the foreign cemeteries that can be found along the way. Normandy offers many opportunities to enjoy a peaceful family cycling trip suitable for all ages along quiet roads away from traffic.