Hiking trips

Reduce your carbon footprint with Normandie Rando

Normandie Rando offers its clients walking holidays in France. This outdoor activity allows you to reduce your carbon footprint considerably. Indeed, hiking is part of eco-tourism. Travel on foot in protected natural areas following a personalized itinerary adapted to your desires.

Discover charming little French villages and meet the locals to learn more about the places you pass through. You pass through quiet paths to enjoy the surrounding nature and the natural wealth of the French regions. The walking tour agency offers adapted trips to protect natural areas and promote the local economy while enjoying nature in a healthier way.

Self guided Hiking tours

Normandie Rando offers walking tours organized from start to finish by the agency according to your physical abilities and your desire to discover.  Your turnkey walking tour includes your accommodation, some meals, a logbook and maps to guide you along your route.

All tours also include luggage transfer to allow you to hike light. You will be able to enjoy a hike in Normandy and discover the cultural and historical treasures of the region, while crossing quiet paths far from the tourist crowd and traffic. Hiking will make your trip one you won’t soon forget, and will allow you to discover the little-known areas of a region.

Themed Hiking tours in France

Normandie Rando offers walking enthusiasts different thematic tours. Passionate about oenology? Make a loop around Beaune in Burgundy and go on a walking tour to meet the winegrowers. You will hike on exceptional wine territories like Montrachet, Aloxe-Corton, Savigny, Pommard…

Are you a history buff? Opt for a walking tour along the D-Day beaches in Normandy: Emotions guaranteed!

Arriving at the foot of Mont-Saint-Michel like a pilgrim can also be a great hiking experience. If you dream of walking vacations, beaches and swimming, then head for the Côtes d’Armor in Brittany on one of the most popular paths in France, the GR34: A change of scenery guaranteed!

Normandie Rando offers a large number of walking tours, all you have to do is choose!

Discovering France on a hiking tour

Normandie Rando allows you to enjoy hiking in several regions of France. The hiking tours will take you on an adventure of several days to discover the richness and heritage of a territory.

Take the time to explore a region while mixing curiosity and outdoor physical activity. Adapt your tour to your needs and possibilities, for a memorable stay. Don’t forget that by traveling on foot, you are doing a little something for the planet! Your feet will guide you through splendid paths and you will be even more proud of it.