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Go on a walking holiday and discover local food specialties

Choosing a walking holiday in France means taking advantage of a journey of discovery of local traditions. And tradition means gastronomy. 

Each little corner of France brings its own richness to the national cuisine. A walking tour is an ideal opportunity to meet people and taste delicious local products. 

Your specialised travel agency offers you the opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic holiday as a couple, with family or friends, to savour every moment of your trip, and to feast your eyes and taste buds !

Experience the benefits of hiking for several days, combined with the pleasures of French gastronomy. 

Hiking holidays between land and sea in Normandy

Put on your hiking boots and set off on an adventure in Normandy. Normandie Rando accompanies you to discover the different regions of the region and enjoy the local flavours. 

Cheese lovers will take advantage of their walk to taste one of the three AOC cheeses of the region. Livarot, Camembert and Pont-l’Evêque are waiting to offer you a moment of pleasure. 

Why not also take a walking tour of Normandy to discover the products around the apple. Visit farms and distilleries to discover how cider, pommeau and calvados are made. 

And to finish your hike in Normandy, your walking tour agency suggests you enjoy the pleasures of the sea, in your plate. Fish and shellfish can be enjoyed on the seaside. From the Prawn Festival in Honfleur to the Shell Festival in several coastal towns in the region, Normandy will never cease to amaze you with its gastronomy. 

Crepes and Cider in Brittany

If for you, holidays are synonymous with all kinds of discoveries, then go and savour the Breton specialities during your walking holiday!

Treat your children to the famous Breton crêpes during your family outing, and accompany them (for older children) with a glass of local cider. 

Seafood lovers will also enjoy a walking tour that will take you to the capital of oyster farming: Cancale. You should not miss the opportunity to taste the famous Breton lobster. Brittany is a great place to spend your holidays!

Burgundy, great wines, snails and boeuf bourguignon

To discover the pleasures of the table during a walking tour, what better place than Burgundy? 

Great wines, cheeses and other mouth-watering dishes await you on your next hike in this beautiful part of France. 

Burgundy is the ideal destination for a gastronomic holiday of the highest order. Snails, eggs en meurette or beef bourguignon will delight your taste buds. 

During your walking tour, you will have the opportunity to walk through one of the most famous wine regions in the world, and taste some of the greatest wines on a cellar tour.