Bicycle rental

A good cycling trip starts with a good equipment !

For most of our tours we have replaced the classic Hybrid bike with the latest generation of “fitness” bikes. These bikes are lighter and easier to handle. Equipped with 700 wheels, they are now mounted with 27 or 28 tires instead of 32 or 35; they are therefore more rolling. Equipped with Shimano 3×7 or 3×9 deraillers controlled by trigger and no longer by twist grip, the gear changes are more precise and efficient. With our partners we have chosen the bikes best adapted to our itineraries (distances, surface…).

All our bikes come in male or female version and in different sizes.

All our bikes are equipped with:

  • Handlebar luggage carrier with a map holder,
  • Water bottle cage,
  • Rear luggage carrier,
  • Repair kit,
  • Air pump,
  • Helmet,
  • Anti-theft device…

Our bikes are fully checked and adjusted before each bike trip and then adjusted if necessary (pedals or customer’s saddle…).

We can also provide on request: high quality road bikes, electric bikes, tandem bikes, children’s trailers…

We can also provide GPS on some tours (Normandy, Burgundy…)

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Bicycle rental



Rent your bike with Normandie Rando

You want to go on an adventure in an original and sportive way ? Normandie Rando offers its clients cycling trips in several French regions. Take advantage of this outdoor activity to share a rich and dynamic experience. You don’t have a bike or maybe you find it complicated to travel with one?

The travel agency offers quality bicycles for rent, suitable for everyone. You choose your bike tour, you don’t worry about anything, Normandie Rando delivers the equipment at the beginning of your tour and collects it at the end. Going on a cycling trip with Normandie Rando is the assurance of an atypical trip that will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and will allow you to surpass yourself and to learn more about our beautiful country. 

Bike rental services adapted to your need

During a cycling vacation, it is essential to travel with adapted bikes. According to your desires, your physical condition and according to the way you plan your vacations, Normandie Rando offers you a wide range of bikes:

  • Classic Hybrid bikes are light and maneuverable: they adapt more easily to the terrain. The derailleurs are controlled by a trigger for a more precise and efficient gear change.
  • E-Bikes allow those who do not practice a lot of sport to not struggle in areas with uneven terrain.
  • Road bikes, perfectly adapted to experienced cyclists. Be careful, these bikes are not recommended on some of our tours (paved roads, paths…)

Normandie Rando also offers trackers and trailers for children, tandems…

Revised bikes ready to follow you everywhere 

Normandie Rando offers its clients safe trips thanks to bicycles adapted to bicycle touring. It is essential that your cycling trip is safe from start to finish for a unique and enjoyable experience. The bikes are adapted to the age and size of all the members of the adventure. The travel agency offers women’s, men’s and children’s bikes to ensure the comfort and safety of each of you.  They are of course delivered with helmets. 

Enjoy your customized cycling trip and let us guide you through the small roads of our beautiful regions of France. Normandie Rando assures its customers that the bikes are revised and adjusted before your departure to ensure the maximum safety of the cyclists during their journey. 

All equipped bicycle rental

The success of a bike tour depends on the organization and comfort. Normandie Rando offers rental bikes delivered with front and rear panniers. This allows you to take with you a few things for your day on the bike … some clothes, a picnic …

On the handlebar front carrier, there is a map holder that allows you to have in front of you the details of the route to follow.

During a bicycle trip, you are never safe from a puncture… Here again, you travel with a repair kit allowing you to quickly fix the problem.

In case of a bigger problem, Normandie Rando offers 24-hour assistance and will replace your bike as soon as possible!